Name: Discoverie
Developers: Matthew Hall and Ben Weatherall
Released: August 17th 2013
Platforms: PC Mac Linux Web + Oculus Rift
Website: http://discoveriegame.com

What is Discoverie?

Discoverie is a First Person Roguelike developed in 7 days for 7DFPS 2013. Explore an infinite procedurally generated dungeon inhabited by dangerous creatures. Experiment and interact with the environment to uncover hidden keys. Inspired by a wide variety of sources including the non-linear first person shooters of Looking Glass, Jon Blow's thoughts on "The Joy Of Discovery", the peaceful lands of Proteus and the dangerous unpredictable world of Spelunky.

How did you achieve the look?

The voxel artwork was created using the Qubicle tool from MindDesk. It was Ben's first time using Qubicle. Pixel art concepts were produced in Photoshop, imported into Qubicle and extruded. A tool was developed to animate the 3D Mesh in much the same way as a sprite sheet.

How did get so much done in 7 days?

Watch the wrap up videos on YouTube to get a feel for how the game progressed. In all honesty we surprised at how much we managed to get completed. We sat down in the beginning and decided that, even if the best we could do was to generate a procedural world with the desired look we would be happy. But, using Unity, we managed to complete tasks early leaving time to implement many of the ideas of our inital design.


* Infinite dungeon to explore.
* Dangerous yet beautiful enemies to kill.
* Keys to discover, doors to unlock and a boss to defeat.
* Unique Voxel artwork and animation.
* Oculus Rift support.

Download Discoverie for PC + Oculus Rift
Download Discoverie for OSX + Oculus Rift
Download Discoverie for Linux + Oculus Rift


Direct Downloads
Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7


Download all images as a zip file


About the Developers

Matthew Hall runs a one-man-band studio located in rural Australia called KlickTock. Founded in 2008, he has produced the games Little Things, Doodle Find, ZONR and Little Things Forever. Of his five App Store releases he has had three #1 games and over 9 million downloads. Ben Weatherall is a video game artist and musican from Melbourne, Victoria. He has previously worked on #1 games at Firemint/EA. Ben and Matthew are currently developing a collectible card game called Deck War. They took a week long break to develop Discoverie for 7DFPS 2013.


Direction, Design and Programming: Matthew Hall
Art, Music, Sound and Design: Ben Weatherall


Inquiries: matt@discoveriegame.com
Twitter: @KlickTock + @SunraHeadgear